Weekly Meal Plan


Weekly meal plans can be tailored to fit your dietary needs and help assist those who are under physicians care treating any ailments. We are associated with a Registered Dietitian who can help get you started! 



SPECIAL: 1st 8 meals for $50!


































MONDAY:  Baked tilapia Filet (9-12oz), brown rice, steamed broccoli. 


TUESDAY: Ground turkey burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, corn, low fat cheese, cilantro.


WEDNESDAY: Fajitas: grilled chicken breast, sauteed peppers and onions, spanish rice and pinto beans. 


THURSDAY:  Grilled Steak with sweet potatos and a strawberry walnut salad. 


FRIDAY: Cajun shrimp salad with fresh vegetables & an array of dark greens.


SATURDAY: Penne Pasta with garlic olive oil sauce, roasted asparagus, & salmon.


SUNDAY:  Thyme & Rosemary Chicken breast with spinach & tomato & garlic couscous. 



Recommended Ordering: At least two meals per day, snacks available upon request. 



Standard Meal Pricing $100-$150 for 7 meals.


 ***Vegetarian, gluten free & other options ara available. ***



EMAIL cateredbyjme@gmail.com or call 818-235-8750 to place an order. Free local delivery & pick up in the Inland Empire. $0.50 discount per returned container (to be used by same customer only. Recommended three uses per container).